• Group organisers receive a free tour for group bookings of 11 or more adults. (Conditions may apply)
  • Charter your own bus or chauffeur car and do what you want to do!
  • Large or small group charters can be organised and negotiated.
  • Gift Vouchers for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc also available.
  • We are a family business locally owned and operated since 1996.
  • Office hours. 8am – 9pm 7 days. Bookings are essential


Afternoon Barossa (E3)$70.00$40.00
Barossa Valley (E5)$120.00$80.00
Cruise Ship Tour (CS23)$95.00$95.00
Enjoy a Murray River Cruise (E7)$150$99
Hahndorf & the Barossa Valley (E23)$90.00$60.00
Kangaroo Island Highlights Day Tour$295.00$200.00
S.A. 1/2 Day (E2)$55.00$40.00
Southern Adventure (E1)$109.00$60.00
Enjoy an Afternoon in McLaren Vale(E6)$80.00$50.00
Enjoy a Monarto Zoo Experience (E8)$150.00$110.00


  • It is important you understand that by making a booking and purchasing a tour fare that you have agreed to the following conditions of travel.
  • Covidsafe…we have submitted our Covid safe plan…we will maintain a clean vehicle as per recommendations. You are required to provide your name and a contact phone number and email address for contact tracing if required. People who are unwell, have a cough or temperature are asked to NOT proceed with your booking or tour. There will be no refund on the day of departure if you are unwell and you will be refused entry onto the bus for everyones sake. You need to fully cover your mouth, not with your hand, but with tissues, a cloth, elbow if you cough or sneeze. (They teach 4 year olds how to do this!!!)
  • Our obligation to you is to do our best to provide you with an enjoyable tour. We want to show you an exceptionally good day out, this is what we do. We do a light commentary with general facts and stories regarding your tour choice. Tours operate within the time parameters suggested on the brochures and website give or take some amount of flexibility.
  • Admissions to main attractions are only included if stated on the tour page.
  • Lunch and any wine tasting fees are at your expense.
  • Child fares 3yrs – 12yrs inclusive. Children under 3yrs are free – limit of one child for free and food for the little one is to be provided by you. Whilst it is legal to carry small children on a bus without a seatbelt or child safety seat…we would rather that you bring your child’s safety harness with you please.
  • Minimum bookings are required for the tours to operate. Alternative tours may be offered if necessary and refunds will be offered if we do not have enough passengers to run a tour. You will be given plenty of notice and it is rare for our great value tours to cancel.
  • Should we cancel a tour you are welcome to Charter a bus just for you or your group, see our Charter a Bus or Chauffeur Car page or ring for a quote. We want to run the tours…this is what we do! All other companies have the same policy. Some companies off load to us and sometimes we off load to them so that we can still give you a day out. We will do what we can to help you but if you get cranky about it then!!!!??????? Note that your heart surgery has not been cancelled…it’s a day tour!
  • A cancellation fee may apply depending upon your travel agents conditions. Some travel agent conditions are beyond our control.
  • If you give us less than 24 hours notice to cancel a tour then there is no refund. We make plans based on your bookings. We allocate a bus / bus size and Driver…if you cancel other people are affected. If more than 24 hours notice is given (we can resell your seats), a full refund may be offered by us if you have booked direct with us but can also depending upon your travel agents policies. ( Charter a Bus or Chauffeur car and Tour CS23 have a different cancellation policy see below..2 weeks notice is required to cancel.) If you book direct with us and we cancel a tour on you a full refund is given back.
  • If you pay by credit card please make sure the numbers are correct and you have enough money in the account. We try to bring a copy of your transaction with us on the bus. We cannot bring a copy if make your booking after the driver has left to tour for the day! If your card fails to work you will be required to pay cash to the driver. Your credit card statement will show Enjoy Adelaide. Thanks.
  • Fares and itineraries can change without notice depending on the day and or circumstances beyond our control.
  • Our buses are NOT alcohol licensed; sorry but there is no drinking of alcohol on the bus.
  • We do not refund because you have a hangover or you are sick or you miss your plane or you miss the bus or our tour departure time or someone passed away, this is unfortunate but – that is what Travel Insurance is for!
  • Travel insurance is recommended, by passengers own arrangement. We recommend that you contact your travel agent or secure your own travel insurance to cover yourself for unforeseen circumstances. For Kangaroo Island you can read Sealink’s disclaimer on the Payment Options page of this website.
  • You are obliged to follow your tour guides directions for your safety. You are obliged to be back at the bus for departure time from the various stops and locations we visit. The bus has other passengers and appointments to consider…you are Adults and you are responsible for your own decisions and conduct. If you decide to be late back to the bus then this is NOT our concern. You are obliged to consider the comfort and enjoyment of the tour for your fellow passengers. Disruptive and rude people are not welcome and could be asked to leave the bus at any time without a refund.
  • Should you miss the bus or be asked to leave the bus for disruptive behaviour then the cost of a Taxi or public transport bus is at your expense.
  • You can ask the driver to wait for you if you are running late…this may involve extra charges at $2 per minute waiting time! Be aware that other people are involved and must be considered when these things happen.
  • Remember Aeroplanes will not wait for you, public buses will not wait for you, trains do not wait for you either. Nor do they refund if you miss them…so do not expect us to either, sorry. A few minutes here and there is not a problem. Maybe!
  • Always carry your valuable possessions with you when travelling!
  • We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen property. Always take valuables off of the bus and keep them with you.
  • Your lost property is NOT our responsibility…If your property is left on the bus you are welcome to come to the Depo and retrieve it. If you want us to return it to you fees and charges will apply……Sorry but we didn’t forget it or loose it…you did.
  • Courtesy pick ups are allocated a pick up time, we ask you to wait where you can see the bus and board promptly.
  • If you are not ready then you might miss the pick up bus and you will need to make your own way to 42 King William street by departure time. There is no refund if you miss the bus. There are other passengers to pick up and consider. Also the bus might be a few minutes late for any number of reasons so please be a bit patient. Thanks.
  • We pick up a minimum of 2 passengers at Glenelg. To return to Glenelg we ask you to catch the public tram or bus please. We will show you. We can offer a personal service at additional cost if you like… The tour prices are about the tours not the courtesy pick ups. It costs more to run a bus than a Taxi and we are wanting to be as fair as possible to our customers. We may charge an extra fee for pick ups that require extra time to do, you will be quoted this cost if applicable. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Our business is not responsible for venue price increases. Fuel goes up, food goes up etc, etc. Should prices rise beyond our initial agreed costs, at the time of publishing brochures, then we will inform you of the increases and offer you choices. Every effort goes into offering the best value tours possible whilst maintaining proper safety standards and fair wages for our Drivers.
  • Tours do not run on Christmas Day, New Years Day or Good Friday. We have our Holidays during August, the quietest month of the year, sorry for any inconvenience. The phones are on answering machine during this time.
  • If you want us to call your phone to make a booking then we charge a $5 minimum call back fee.
  • We only call Australian Mobile phones NOT overseas phone numbers. Check your departure on the afternoon before the tour if you only have an overseas phone number and check your email.
  • If you BOOK direct with us via the phone or at —- there is no booking fee or credit card surcharge. You may be required to pay a Booking Fee and or a credit card surcharge if you BOOK your tour via a Travel Agent or other Agent…you need to ask them what they will charge you to make the bookings on your behalf if applicable!
  • Overtime, requested longer time than the quoted times of the job or service or extended waiting time is charged out at $2 per minute…($120 per hour or part thereof) Extended kilometres longer than the usual day tour (ie: 220 klm regular day tour distance) is charged out at $1.50 per klm. We are happy to provide extra services however we just want to get paid for it. ( When the driver and the mechanic and the myriad of other costs are done for free then I can pass the savings onto you!)
  • You are obliged to follow your Drivers instructions regarding what time the bus will depart each venue. The Driver is not responsible if you are late and miss the bus…there is also no refund if you miss the bus. The Driver has had some experience herding cats but we are hopeless at herding Humans. If you want more time at a venue then you will need to negotiate an extra charge for extra bus hire. Thanks.
  • Regarding 4 wheel drive tours…..Should the driving conditions roads or tracks be deemed unusable due to bad weather then you will be refunded before we depart. We reserve the right to cancel any tour if conditions are unsafe. However once the tour begins we will not refund you if conditions change beyond our control. Australian Consumer Laws are abided by.
  • If you insist upon paying cash for your seat without securing the sale with a credit card…then you need to know that we will sell your seat to someone who does pay for the seat with a credit card if the opportunity presents. Maybe you will turn up and maybe you won’t does not enable us to sell seats?
  • We operate a 13 passenger seat bus and a 6 passenger seat Pajero 4wd. WE may operate the tours in either vehicle. In the car we limit adults to 5 passengers with one adult occupying the 2 child seats…it’s comfortable enough.
  • These conditions of travel have occurred because of selfish unreasonable people, fortunately we don’t see these types of people too often. Our priority is for you to have an enjoyable day out.
  • Thank you and see you soon.


TOUR CS23 CANCELLATION POLICY and Charter cancellation policy.

If we..Enjoy Adelaide…cancel your tour due to a lack of passenger numbers or another logical reason we will refund in full. We will also aim towards giving you enough notice for you to arrange something else. If you cancel…we need notice so that we can resell your seat, or Bus, so if you want to cancel we will need at least 2 weeks notice. We offer a full refund if you give us plenty of notice to cancel. Re Bus / Car Charter, once you make a booking we charge a non refundable deposit of $200…. 2 weeks before your tour then we charge your card the balance owing a few days before your tour. If you cancel your charter more than 2 weeks before your booking there is no charge and / or you are refunded.

If the Ship fails to dock then we do not refund….check your travel insurance. If the Ship is late we will adjust the tour to suit what time remains before the Ship departs. We only have 2 buses and we allocate one for you. So we do not take other bookings / jobs for your bus. Whilst our buses are maintained to the highest standards, unforeseen events might take place on the day that may make us late to return to your Ship. We will make every effort humanly possible to return you to your ship before it departs, however we will NOT be responsible for your expenses to meet up with your Ship should it depart without you, you need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover this event if ever it happened. 7/11/16. (PS touch wood, we have not missed a departure.) See you soon. Regards, Enjoy Adelaide.

Kangaroo Island Sealink Disclaimer Information



All costs, itinerary details, package inclusions, ferry schedules and accommodation information are correct at the time of publishing; however these can be subject to alteration, sometimes without notice. All services and reservations provided are subject to the conditions of the principal providers and no responsibility is accepted by SeaLink Travel Group for misrepresentation, unforeseen omissions or additional costs incurred, including those arising from adverse weather conditions or any situations beyond the control of SeaLink Travel Group. Refunds may not be available for unused services. Ferry, Coach, Touring and Activity options will not operate on Christmas Day. Tours will be affected when part of the itinerary includes

Christmas Day (25th December). Travel insurance is highly recommended.


All fares and prices are in Australian Dollars and valid from 01 April to 31 March. All fares and prices are subject to availability, surcharges, blackout periods, minimum night stays and seasonal variations. Always check your travel documentation for final prices.

Child Policy

Child prices generally apply to children aged 3 to 14 years, inclusive. In some cases this may vary so please enquire at the time of booking.

Accommodation for children under 3 is generally free of charge but some properties may impose a small charge and/or a fee for providing a cot. Children under 3 years of age travel free of charge on SeaLink Travel Group services provided they do not occupy a seat. Children under 3 years are not recommended on Murray Princess Cruises.

Room Configurations

Twin share prices are based on a ‘double’ – two people sharing a double bed (queen or king beds at some properties) or ‘twin’, consisting of two single beds. Please request either a ‘double’ or ‘twin’ at the time of reservation. ‘Extra adult’ prices are based on sharing with two other adults in the same room. Should the extra adult wish to have their own room they will be charged at ‘single’ rates. Single’ prices are based on a person having their own room. ‘Extra Child’ prices are based on sharing the same room with two or more adults. Triple share prices are based on three people sharing

one room with existing bedding (eg double/queen or king bed and a single bed). As most cabins on the Murray Princess have twin beds, a surcharge applies to cabins with a double bed.

Star Ratings

Properties bearing the star symbols eg. **** (the ‘STARS’) are independently assessed by AAA Tourism, the national body of the Australian motoring organisations. The STARS are trademarks of AAA Tourism Pty Ltd. For more information about using STAR ratings, please go to: SeaLink Travel Group cannot be held responsible for any tourism operator that displays or publishes incorrect star ratings.

Accredited Tourism Businesses

Business operators that display the Accreditation Tick have achieved a high standard of customer service and business practice as set by the tourism industry. When travelling look for this symbol as your guide to finding a Nationally Accredited Tourism Business. SeaLink Travel Group cannot be held responsible for any tourism operator that displays or publishes the Accreditation Tick when they are not accredited under the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP).

Hire Cars

If you are hiring a car on the mainland and plan to take this to Kangaroo Island, ensure you check out the insurance conditions with the hire car company. Alternatively, hire cars are available to be picked up once you arrive on Kangaroo Island. Hire cars hired from Kangaroo Island are subject to special terms & conditions, which will be confirmed at time of booking.

Booking and Final Payment

To make a booking, a deposit of between $50 and $200 per person is required (depending on travel, service, package or product booked) within 48 hours of booking. If booking is made within 30 days of travel, full payment must be made at time of booking. Final payment is required within 30 and 60 days prior to travel (depending on travel, service, package or product booked). For all bookings made online, full payment must be made at time of booking.

Credit Card Fees

All payments made by credit card will incur the following surcharges:

Visa – 1%

Mastercard – 1%

American Express – 1%

Diners – 3%

SURCHARGE FREE payment options include Masterpass, PayPal, POLi Pay, Direct Deposit, EFTPOS (Savings or Cheque), Cash and Union Pay.

Travel Insurance

Holiday plans can be disrupted and cancellation fees can be costly. Travel insurance is inexpensive and highly recommended. Please note that

Travel Insurance may not cover disruptions caused by mechanical breakdowns or adverse weather conditions so please check your insurance

policy. SeaLink offers a range of Travel Insurance options through QBE – please contact our Sales Centre for details.

Cancellation Fees

South Australia and Kangaroo Island ferry, tours, accommodation and packages (excluding Adelaide Sightseeing and Murray Princess cruises).

Cancellation of a booking or part thereof will incur the following fees:


More than 30 days before departure – Loss of deposit

Between 7 and 30 days before departure – $50 per person or 50% of total cost whichever is greater

Less than 7 days before departure – $50 per person or 80% of total cost whichever is greater

Within 24 hours of departure – 100% of total cost

For independent packages including the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, a $200 per person cancellation fee will be added to the above fees for cancellations less than 30 days prior to departure. For touring packages including the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, a $200 per person cancellation fee will be added to the above fees for any cancellations. These fees are collected on behalf of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Adelaide Sightseeing day tours (excluding Kangaroo Island ferry, tours, accommodation, packages and Murray Princess cruises) Cancellation of a booking or part thereof will incur the following fees:

More than 3 days before departure – Full refund

Between 24 hours and 3 days before departure – $50 per person or 50% of total cost whichever is greater

Within 24 hours of departure – 100% of total cost

Murray Princess Cruises including any South Australia packages featuring Murray Princess (operated by Captain Cook Cruises) Cancellation of a booking or part thereof will incur the following fees:

More than 60 days before departure – $50 per person

Between 30 and 60 days before departure – Loss of deposit

Between 15 and 30 days before departure – 50% of total cost

Less than 14 days before departure – 100% of total cost

For cancellations made 15 days or more before departure, the full value (less an administration fee of $50 per person), may be applied to another cruise if completed within 12 months of the original booking. If the re-booked cruise is of a greater value, the difference must be paid upon re-booking.

Special payment and cancellation conditions apply for groups of 15 or more and Special Event Cruises, which are available on application

Cancellation fees up to 50% of the cruise fare less an administration fee of $50 per person, may be applied to another cruise if completed within 12 months of the original booking. Special payment and cancellation conditions apply for groups of 15 or more and Special Event Cruises, which are available on application. No refunds will be made for services not availed once travel has commenced. All refund claims must be made in writing. Please note operators (other than SeaLink Travel Group) reserve the right to charge cancellation fees in addition to the above.

Amendment Fees

Due to the complexity, staff time and communication costs of the booking process, a charge of between AU$22 and AU$45 (incl GST) may apply to each modification made after the original booking. Please note that ferry and transport components of your booking can be edited online for one way and return only ferry bookings at no cost. Any other bookings cannot be modified online and must be made through our Sales Centre by calling 13 1301 (within Australia) or +61 8 8202 8633 (from outside Australia) or by emailing

Murray Princess Cruises (operated by Captain Cook Cruises)

All cruises and packages featuring the Murray Princess are subject to the terms and conditions of the Passengers Cruise Contract, which is provided when booking any Murray Princess cruise or package.

Conditions of SeaLink Ferry Passage (Kangaroo Island)

Check-in time for all departures is to be a minimum of 30 minutes prior to departure. Due to loading requirements, SeaLink Travel Group reserves the right to refuse boarding for both passengers and vehicles that check-in after this time. Drivers only permitted on the vehicle deck. Drivers must accept direction by SeaLink Travel Group crew at all times during loading and unloading. Smoking is prohibited on the vessel at all times. Travel may only be permitted for a person or persons whose name(s) appear on SeaLink Travel Group manifests. Travel arrangements may only be transferred to another person(s) with the knowledge and authority of the Company and the person who made the booking. SeaLink Travel Group reserves the right to conduct a search of any vehicle or cargo and refuse to carry any person or cargo onboard any Company vessel or vehicle where the Company deems the person or cargo to be undesirable, unsuitable or dangerous. Flammable liquids in portable containers will not be carried (eg boat tanks, jerry cans, paints and thinners) unless arrangements have been made prior as loading may be required on a flammable/dangerous goods departure. If you are travelling on a ‘Spirit of Kangaroo Island’ service you may be travelling with freight, which could include livestock or fuel. For more information, please contact SeaLink Travel Group on 13 13 01.

Conditions of Travel and Booking

In these conditions “the Company” means SeaLink Travel Group, its servants and agents and “the passenger” means the passenger booked to travel. Travel must be completed within 12 months of payment. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and any Australian State. The Company reserves the right to cancel, vary this service in any way, or substitute any ferry or other means of transport without incurring any liability. Fares, times, schedules and routes are subject to alteration, without prior notice, at the discretion of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise in the event of cancellation of this service or the abandonment of the service during the course thereof (should the Company or any of its servants or agents decide that such abandonment is necessary) or of any deviation or delay in any service arising from any cause whatsoever. In any such event the Company will not be liable in any way for consequential damage including, but not limited to, the cost of accommodation or for any alternative means of travel which may arise and any additional expense so arising shall be the liability of the passenger. The Company accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any vehicle


being carried for the passenger, or luggage, or for consequential damages arising therefrom whether sustained during off-loading or transportation, and whether arising from negligence, malfunction of the vessel or other cause, except to the extent that the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law. The Company accepts no responsibility for any injury and/or death of a passenger travelling on this service whether caused by negligence, malfunction to the vessel or other cause except to the extent that exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law.

Biosecurity on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary. Importing honey, pollen or other bee products is prohibited. A fine of up to $10,000 may apply. Please help protect Kangaroo Island and keep it safe from pests and diseases. Do not bring any bee or honey products, unwashed potatoes, vine cuttings, foxes or rabbits onto the island. Penalties may apply. Kangaroo Island Council must be notified by the owner of any dogs or cats visiting the island.

Please contact their Customer Service Centre on 8553 4500. Full details of council’s By-Laws on dogs and cats can be found on Council’s website

SeaLink Travel Group Gift Vouchers

Redemption of gift vouchers is subject to SeaLink’s standard terms & conditions. Gift vouchers are valid for any SeaLink Travel Group product

including ferry fare, accommodation, cruises, packages, tours, experiences and more. Vouchers can be used as part-payment or multiple use for

travel or products until $0 balance. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue and no fare restrictions or block out dates apply.

Privacy Statement

SeaLink Travel Group values your privacy. For full details please read our privacy statement available at

Privacy Statement

SeaLink Travel Group values your privacy. For full details please read our privacy statement available at